Reclaimed Slate

A varied range of reclaimed slate is available, usually in stock:

Welsh Slate

24" - 14" sized Welsh, also randoms

Westmorland Green

The traditional Lakeland roofing slate, random lengths, widths and less than 50% of the cost of new.

Burlington Slate

Known in some areas as Lancashire slates, or 'Lancies', this blue/grey slate is mostly available as random but occasionally sized.

Please contact us on 01228 401133 for availability and prices.

We do not stock specific numbers of specific sizes in reclaimed slate. We purchase our stock on the quality of slate available. We suggest that anybody looking to fix reclaimed slate do the same. If you have a specific size of reclaimed slate fixed in mind for a project then it drastically reduces the options on quality available.

Reclaimed Slate

Reclaimed Slate from Solway



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