Sills & Flooring

A mixture of colours in flooring slate are available in the following sizes:

30x30 (12x12")
40x40 (16x16")
60x30 (24x12")
60x60 (24x24")
90x60 (32x24")
90x90 (32x32")

Conservatory floor
Conservatory Floor

Slate Floor
Slate Floor

Slate Sills are available in medium Grey Spanish and Grey Green Brazilian in the following sizes:

2400x300x25 (96x12x1")
2400x200x25 (96x8x1")
2200x300x25 (88x12x1")
2200x200x25 (88x8x1")
1800x300x25 (72x12x1")
1800x200x25 (72x8x1")
1200x300x25 (48x12x1")
1200x200x25 (48x8x1")
900x300x25 (36x12x1")
900x200x25 (36x8x1")
600x300x25 (24x12x1")
600x200x25 (24x8x1")


Black Green Floor Slate

Contact us for stocks, prices and availability.

Slate Flooring

Slate flooring



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