With their innovative range of concrete and clay tiles and their 100% green electricity use Sandtoft can be justifiably labelled as the most diverse and innovative manufacturer of roof tiles in the UK.


A familiar name in roofing Marley was the first mass producer of concrete tiles and what they made shaped the character of hundreds of thousands of properties.


Lagan Tile is one of Northern Ireland's largest manufacturers of concrete roof tiles.

Lagan Tile manufactures various profiles of concrete roof tiles in a range of different colours along with a choice of plain and ornamental ridge tiles and specials at its purpose built factory in Lisburn.

The factory contains some of the most technologically advanced equipment available in Europe. Lagan Tile produces roof tiles of the highest standard and quality to comply with British Standard EN 490 2004 and tested in accordance with BS EN 491 2004.

A company with the unique ability to create innovative products which not only replicate but actually improve on traditional materials.

The product range incorporates slates that were an innovation 70 years ago and which are still strong in the market today.


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