It's easy to look past, but the main purpose of a roof is to keep your home dry. The roof doesn't act alone in doing this, though. There are other parts to the system that helps protect your home and belongings from adverse weather. Probably the most notable of which, is guttering. You need guttering, that's a given. But do you know exactly what kind of guttering you need?

Need some help choosing the best guttering for your home or your customer's? Solway Slate and Tile have over 100 years' combined experience supplying guttering all over Cumbria, Scotland and the wider UK. Get in touch today for a FREE quote and to take advantage of our expertise. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to get one now.

You'd be surprised to find out just how much gutters do. They keep your roof dry, of course, but also much more.

Imagine coming home after a long day, only to be soaked as you get to your front door.  Gutters direct water that may otherwise slide off your roof away from entrances and windows. With the right guttering, water avoids these places and is carried neatly down into a drain. You won't have to worry about a surprise downpour from above.

Rotting wood doesn't look good. Without proper guttering the wooden parts of your roof are likely to suffer. Moisture can get to your fascias, soffits and battens, and without any way to escape can cause rot. Not only does having rotten wood on your home look bad, it can also be a hazard. It damages the structural integrity of your roof and could lead to much more serious problems.

Gutters don’t just help protect the structure of your roof, they safeguard your whole house. Guttering prevents water from trickling down and flooding your basement or cellar. A flooded basement can severely damage the foundation of your home. Not only would a buckled foundation be costly to repair, but hazardous to anyone inside. The right guttering could really help avoid disaster.

The risks of inappropriate guttering are very real. Why take the chance? Solway Slate and Tile have over 100 years' combined experience supplying guttering. Get in touch today to take advantage of our knowledge and get help choosing the best gutter system for you or your customer. Give us a call on 01228 401133 for a faster response.

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