Reclaimed Slate

Slate is a hugely abundant material. As well as something that's constantly mined in quarries, there's also plenty of pre-used slate around. Do you have reservations about using second hand roof slates for you or your customers' home? While they may not be brand new, they have several advantages you won't find with newly quarried slate.

Want to save money with reclaimed slate roof tiles? Solway Slate and Tile supply Cumbria, Scotland and the wider UK. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to get one now.

Given that slate is a rock, it's already millions of years old. Reclaimed slate is mainly taken from old roofs, which may have been there for up to a hundred years. Relatively speaking, in the lifetime of the slate, this is barely a blip. If slate is able to last hundreds of millions of years before quarrying, what's to stop it covering your roof for decades?

Reclaimed slate is also cheaper than the new equivalent. Like anything that is second-hand, once it's been bought, the price drops significantly. Take away the money needed to pay for quarrying, and you're left with a much lower price. If you're doing your own roof, you'll save. If you're roofing for customers, you'll pass the savings on to them.

At Solway Slate and Tile we only supply the best British reclaimed slate. So if you want to use Welsh, Burlington slate or any other kind from the UK, consider reclaimed first. All of our slate is compliant with European standards bearing A1, T1 and S1 marks.

You'll be greener using reclaimed slate, too. Without the need to repeat the intensive quarrying process, less damage is done to the environment. You'll also be using materials that would have otherwise ended up on a landfill. Using reclaimed slate tiles is effectively recycling. By choosing them, you do your bit to help the environment.

Older buildings can actually look better with older tiles. Listed buildings and those with period architecture suit slates as old as they are. If you're repairing the roof of a Victorian building, shiny brand new slates might look odd on a 'lived-in' property. By choosing reclaimed slate, you'll be able to craft a roof that does the building justice.

So if you're looking to undertake a new roofing project, why not consider reclaimed? You'll save money and do your bit to be greener. Get in touch with Solway Slate and Tile to find out exactly what we have on offer. Give us a call on 01228 401133 for a faster response.

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