Roof Membranes

Have a flat or nearly flat roof? Water can be a problem if your roof isn't particularly sloped. Pitched roofs’ steep angles let water run off so there's little danger of it gathering and entering the roof's inside. Flat roofs don't have this advantage, so you have to take other precautions to stop water getting in.

Want an extra step in waterproofing your flat roof? Solway Slate and Tile supply flat roof membranes all over Cumbria, Scotland and the wider UK. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to get one now. 

Ever had heavy rain get through your roof and enter your home? Not only is this disconcerting, but the damage it can cause to your possessions can be heart-breaking. If rain is heavy enough to breach the top layer of your roof, adding a membrane can stop this from happening. Roof membranes give you another line of defence against unwanted moisture entering you or your customer's home.

Replacing belongings damaged by rainwater is costly. So is replacing any more susceptible parts of a roof that may suffer. With the right flat roof membrane, you'll be sure to save money. If water isn't allowed to get through, no damage will be done. You may have to spend to get a membrane suitable for your roof, but it will more than make up for the destruction it helps you avoid.

Single ply roof membranes only require one layer and are available in different types, including the following:

  • EPDM Membrane - made from a synthetic rubber, it doesn't deteriorate and is resistant to freezing, shock damage and more.
  • Liquid Roof Membrane - provides a seamless waterproof covering, easily applied with a roller.

Worried your roof won't withstand some heavy weather? At Solway Slate and Tile we have over 100 years' combined experience supply roofing materials. Get in touch with us today to make the most of our roofing knowledge. Give us a call on 01228 401133 for a faster response.

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