Roofing Felt

Worried about how waterproof your roof is? Whether you want some extra protection for your pitched roof, or an effective covering for a flat roof, roofing felt has many uses.

Want advice on the best felt for your flat roofing project? Or to make your pitched roof more waterproof? Solway Slate and Tile supply bitumen roofing felt all over Cumbria, Scotland and the wider UK. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to get one now.

Sometimes the felt is referred to as 'tar paper' or bitumen felt. It's made by combining paper or fibreglass mat with bitumen, making it water-resistant. Originally, roofing felt was made to temporarily waterproof a roof while shingles were being replaced. Homeowners would often have to do this themselves. The work would take more than a single day, so something had to go on the roof to keep it dry until the new shingles were ready.

If you allow excess water to get into your roof, the results can be catastrophic. Water has an adverse effect on many parts of your home if allowed in. Wooden parts of your roof will suffer especially. Fascias, soffits and battens are all liable to rot if exposed to too much moisture. This kind of damage can have a knock-on effect on your home, making it colder or even unsafe to live in. Using felt as part of your waterproofing system is one of several steps you can take against the damage of unwanted water.

Roofing felt acts as a backup, also. In the case of a storm or strong winds, as hardy as tiles are, it's possible for them to blow off. Wind often comes with rain. Without anything underneath the tiles, your roof risks sustaining some real damage. But with roofing felt underneath, your roof will resist the weather until you're able to replace any lost tiles or shingles.

Felt is commonly found on the roofs of garages and sheds. These buildings don't require quite as much protection as the rest of a home, as no one actually lives in them. For this reason, many people look to save money when roofing them. So felt is the obvious option as it provides waterproofing qualities for a fraction of the price of tiles or slate. The only drawback is that it doesn't last as long. It does last a good 10 years or so, and the cost of replacing it over a shed or garage's life is normally far lower than that of a tiled roof.

Roofing felt is available in different types. The two most notable differences are 15 or 30lb rolls, as well as torch on felt and different widths and lengths. If you're not familiar, it can be quite a daunting task choosing the right one.

But don't fear. Solway Slate and Tile have over 100 years' combined experience supplying roofing felt. We're more than able to advise you on what's best for your project. Get in touch today and see how we can help you add further protection to your roof or your customer's. Give us a call on 01228 401133 for a quicker response.

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