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Slate is versatile stuff with a number of uses. While it's most used as a roofing material, it doesn't stop there. In the past slate has been used to make chalkboards. Now you can commonly find slate used as placemats or even plates in trendy restaurants. But perhaps the second most common use of slate tiles is as flooring. As with roofing slate, there's a lot to choose from when it comes to slate flooring.

Want sleek, slate floors for your home or a customer's? Solway Slate and Tile supply slate floor tiles all over Cumbria, Scotland and the wider UK. Get in touch today for a FREE quote. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to get one now.

Slate is a perfect material for your home's floors. It's particularly well suited to kitchens and bathrooms. Other types of flooring don't deal well with water. Wooden floors and laminate flooring absorb more water. This means they may rot or lift over time. Slate absorbs an incredibly low amount of water, so won't be damaged. It's weather-resistant enough to survive on your roof, so bathroom and kitchen spillages are a breeze.

The durability of slate flooring means that it won't easily be chipped or cracked. Other types of tile may suffer from a heavy impact, but slate should withstand most. Because of its strength it will last you decades. You won't have to worry about new floors for a long while with slate.

You or your customer will also save time with slate flooring. Unlike other flooring, it's resistant to stains and easy to clean. You'll only need to wipe it if you spill, then you'll forget it ever happened.

Slate floor tiles are also incredibly stylish. Adding them to your home gives any room a modern, updated look. With the installation of slate flooring, it's also likely that the value of a property will increase. This kind of floor is highly sought-after and its longevity means potential buyers will be willing to pay more.

At Solway Slate and Tile we supply Brazilian slate floor tiles. These are available in grey-green or dark grey (graphite).

You can even make large savings by opting for reclaimed slate flooring. Because slate is able to last decades, second hand slate is still likely to have a lot of life left in it. So you could pay less and still get plenty of use from it.

Want some help choosing the slate for your floors? At Solway Slate and Tile we have over 100 years' combined experience supplying slate floor tiles. So we're more than able to advise you on the best material for your home or project.

Get in touch today to see how we can help. Give us a call on 01228 401133 to hear back sooner.

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